Welcome to Interpreting Network of the Eastern Shore’s (INES) an independent program of Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA). INES provides a range of quality sign language interpretation services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and the general public. INES strives to ensure qualified interpreters are assigned to each interpreting situation, and to inform private and public agencies and organizations of the legal requirements of equal access for people with disabilities.

Some things to know when hiring an interpreter

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its regulations, government entities, most private employers, and places of public accommodations are required to provide qualified sign language interpreters or auxiliary aids as a means of ensuring effective communication. For more information on effective communication please click here. Deaf individuals are to inform you when they need an accommodation and what their preferred mode of communication is for that accommodation. The entity that is providing a service to the deaf individual is responsible for paying for the interpreter(s) not the deaf individual requesting one. Using a family member or someone else who says they know sign language is not acceptable. An interpreter is to be hired from a reputable interpreter agency which follows RID guidelines and code of ethics. All sign language interpreter assignments requested are a two hour minimum. Assignments exceeding two hours will require two interpreters. Due to the nature of some assignments two interpreters may also be required. Your agency will be billed for the services of both interpreters for the entire length of the assignment as well as mileage and reimbursable expenses such as parking, tolls, etc. Under some circumstances involving consumers with minimal communication skills, the assignment may require the use of a second person functioning as a relay interpreter. If that occurs, your agency will be charged for both interpreters. It is preferable that an interpreter be requested at least two weeks in advance of when needed to ensure availability. Any changes made to the original request is to be done 48 hours prior to the request. Cancellations are to be made 48 hours prior to appointment as well to avoid charges.

Tax Credit for Providing Sign Language Interpreters

Many businesses can receive a tax credit when they provide sign language accommodations to be in compliance with the ADA. For more information on tax credits please click here.

Tips When Working With a Sign Language Interpreter

After hiring the sign language interpreter, we highly recommend reviewing our 10 tips when working with a sign language Interpreter by clicking here. This will help everyone's experience go much more smoothly.

How To Request An Interpreter

Before an interpreter can be scheduled INES requires its Rate and Business Agreements be signed. Click here to download forms to complete and return to INES by email or fax. Once INES has received both signed forms then requests to schedule an interpreter can be made. To ensure an interpreter is available, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the date needed. Call 410-546-1745 (V/TTY), 443-365-2645 VP, or 410-543-4874 (Fax) for scheduling interpreters or Click here for a request form to complete and return by fax or email INES@dila.org. Once we have received your request our Interpreter Coordinator will identify, schedule and confirm one of more interpreters for your event based on the type of assignment. If an interpreter cannot be confirmed our Program Support will notify you of your options. If you would like further information regarding sign language interpreting please feel free to contact us at 410-546-1745 (V/TTY), 443-365-2645 VP, or 410-543-4874 (Fax) or email INES@dila.org.